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Eat, Slay, Leave Interview Series: Kim Burns

The Eat, Slay, Leave interview series continues with Kim Burns! Kim plays A-Inverse, the "Alternative" version of Amy. What is an Inverse, you may wonder? Well, that is a question that can only be answered by coming to see this world premiere show! Kim answered all our burning questions about this role below:

3A: Tell us about Eat, Slay, Leave! What has been exciting about this role?

KB: Eat, Slay, Leave will be my acting debut, not just with 3rd Act but of my entire adult life. The last “production” that I did was in the 5th grade, and I botched the whole play for missing a cue 🤦🏾‍♀️ ! So I actually paid for and downloaded the script immediately upon knowing that it would be featured at 3rd Act. Then I read it twice through to make sure I could handle the lines - before auditioning. The play (no spoilys) basically adds a fresh spin to the pretty beat-up and exhausted trope of 3 best friends visiting a cabin. And like any good trope, they encounter things they never expected, and do what they can to make it through the night! Everyone can find a character to relate to, and I think that’s half the fun!

3A: How have you been preparing for such a physical role?

KB: See photos attached! I am the definition of Bootylicious, and/or Fergilicious, and/or curvy. I have a history of injuring myself by merely existing in this world, or for sharing the same path as a pothole. I am so happy we have our fight coordinator, Reed (Bentley) choreographing the intense sequences we have to do, because they make it look realistic without jeopardizing safety. I say all of that to preface that I wear these bruises because of my own clumsy mishandling and because I don’t know what to do with any appendage that I was born with.

3A: What do you think is your character's favorite self-care routine?

KB: My character’s favorite self-care routine would honestly be being taken care of! They just want to have fun, not lift a finger, ignore all their problems, and hope everything is fixed when they return!

Tickets for Eat, Slay, Leave are available now! The spooktacular world premiere runs October 21st-November 6th, 2022 at 3rd Act Theatre's main stage inside The Shoppes at North Park.


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