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Drunk Classics: Much Ado About Drinkin'

adapted from William Shakespeare by Kate Adams

Director: Dakota Lee Bryant

Cast: 8 Actors


Rehearsals: June 2023

Performances: July 7- 22, 2023

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Audition Information


This production will take place in person and on tour.


Covid-19: We are monitoring Covid safety and evaluating policies, and the safety of our cast, crew, audience, and staff is among our top priorities. Audience requirements are determined by the venue and Cast may or may not be masked during the production.

About Drunk Classics

About Drunk Classics: At any point during the performance, an audience member can make a donation for a “Drunken Point Of Order” – a new rule that the players must abide by, and once the rules have been explained the games can begin! Examples include accents, exclamatory words, and physical actions.

One player, selected by the audience, will consume several adult beverages to start the show. An abridged piece will then be performed, with loads of room for audience inclusion, and one inebriated participant.


  1. Players must be able to consume alcohol.*

  2. No member of the cast will 'play the drunk' consecutively.

  3. Transportation for drinking member will be provided.

*Though the nature and atmosphere of this production center around the imbibing of adult beverages, those who participate in sober living are welcome and encouraged to audition. Accommodations can be made in the production to protect and include those who are unable to participate in the consumption of alcohol.

About The Summer Tour

The Summer Tour: We are committed to diverse, inclusive casting. For every production, please submit without regard to ability, race, age, weight, color, national origin, ethnic origin, gender identity, or any other basis. Any specifics integral to the plot or required by the publisher will be listed in the individual announcement.   


(Audition information is subject to change)   


Content Advisory: This production contains mature language, content intended for adult audiences, and talk of death, murder, manipulation, and self-harm.  This production is themed around the consumption of alcohol.


Character Advisory: All characters participate in physicality related to “slapstick” comedy. 


Cast: 8 Actors 


Player 1 | Any Gender, Any Age - Don Pedro/Sexton
Player 2 | Any Gender, Any Age - Don John/Friar Francis
Player 3 | Any Gender, Any Age - Beatrice
Player 4 | Any Gender, Any Age - Benedick 
Player 5 | Any Gender, Any Age - Hero/Watchman
Player 6 | Any Gender, Any Age - Claudio/Borachio
Player 7 | Any Gender, Any Age - Leonato/Verges
Player 8 | Any Gender, Any Age - Margaret/Conrade/Dogberry


Auditions will be in-person on May 20, 2023, with callbacks to follow if needed.  


This event is a fundraiser for 3rd Act Theatre Company. Stipends are determined nightly from a collection and split amongst the cast for each performance.

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