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Director's Letter: The Girl With The Green Eyes

Is it ever acceptable to lie to your partner? Is jealousy ever justified? Can a betrayal ever be forgiven?

On Christmas Day, 1902, Clyde Finch’s The Girl with the Green Eyes opened on Broadway at the Savoy Theatre, running for 108 performances. In the style of Oscar Wilde, the play in its original form held themes of social Darwinism and the confines of the time’s social sensibilities. In the modern day, while some of the language and motifs are antiqued, the themes of jealousy and deception to save someone’s feelings are still prevalent in today’s culture.

Jealousy is still a prevalent issue in today's society, especially with the connectivity that the

internet provides. This connectivity, while helpful, can make it easier to jump to conclusions by innocuous behaviors. Though being jealous is seen as an undesirable trait, at times it can be justified by a partner’s actions. The idea of “little white lies” has always been around. To deter children from dangerous action, to slip out of some minor trouble, and to save the feelings of another person. However, when a lie morphs from something well-intentioned to something actively harmful, tensions can flare and relationships can be destroyed.

Whether it’s 1902 or 2023, jealousy and lies intrude into our lives on a day to day basis. This

play explores when these two themes are brought to a head and examines whether a marriage can survive the fallout.

Kate Adams - Director


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