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Who We Are

3rd Act Theatre Company was created to provide a safe place for artists to practice and collaborate in their craft while providing quality theatre arts and entertainment to the Quail Creek Community and surrounding areas. 


Our Origin

3rd Act Theatre Company came to be when one founder added the rest to a Facebook group with no name and then invited all of us to a mysterious event.  We had been discussing for years what "the dream" of having our own theatre company could be like.  Now it was time to work on making the dream a reality.

And so we did, meeting once a week, learning, researching, and filing massive amounts of paperwork.  In those first meetings, we established who we wanted to be and what we wanted to bring not only to the community of theatre-goers but to our theatre community, as well.  It was important for each of us that we provide a feeling of home and family for artists and patrons alike while maintaining a professional level of respect for both.


The five of us kept the project under lock and key.  That is, until the week we received our certificate of incorporation.  As we ended the last meeting of 2018, each holding our second (or third) glass of champagne, we published our page to Facebook for the world to see, and the rest is history. 

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