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Community is a large party of why 3rd Act Theatre Company exists, and there are endless ways to become involved. 

Perhaps you've always had the bug to jump on stage, but never quite had the courage to do it. Come to audition! Even if it is your first one, we encourage everyone to try. If you are cast, we won't leave you hanging! We offer mentorship from seasoned professionals in hopes that you will avoid some of the same mistakes we made when we were just starting out... and we all started out somewhere.

Maybe being in front of the lights isn't your gig, what about behind them? There are many parts of tech theatre that take a significant amount of education or experience, but there are also entry-level positions to get your feet wet and assess if being backstage is something you want to spend your time doing.

Theatre is a time commitment, but you can always volunteer for a day of painting, building or even organizing the space. You don't have to dedicate your existence to the theatre to find value in working within its walls - though if you know too many theatre people, we will all gladly admit to being trapped here - it's in the blood. 

Similarly, we love smiling faces and what better place for them than at our box office and concessions stands. Spend an evening greeting theatre-goers and showing them to their seats. 

Do you have a service you would like to donate? Perhaps you have spent your life cultivating a skill? We are always searching for those skilled in areas we are not. Shoot us an email!

Don't have time but have a TON of stuff? We take item donations such as furniture, appliances, décor items, clothing... you name it and we will likely be able to find a home for it. 

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