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Eat, Slay, Leave Interview Series: Dani Becker

With October comes Spooky Season, and a new show is opening just in time to celebrate at 3rd Act Theatre Company! Eat, Slay, Leave is a funny, creepy romp of a play. When 3 friends embark on a self-care weekend, they want nothing more than to "cast out" their old selves and regenerate their lives. What starts as a weekend of wine and catching up becomes a bloodbath and a fight to the death! Eat, Slay, Leave pokes fun of "self-care" culture and will be a hilarious night out with friends, or even just a good time to "treat yourself" and see some great theatre.

Not only is this a new play for 3rd Act and OKC patrons, but Eat, Slay, Leave is actually a WORLD PREMIERE. Written by Heather Meyer, this new work is timely and relevant, and the Board and Creatives at 3rd Act are so excited to share it with the world.

To celebrate the world premiere play, we've started an exclusive interview series with the cast.

First up is Dani Becker, who plays Amy.

Her interview is below:

AP: Tell us about your character! Who do you play?

DB: I play Amy, the upbeat, but disorganized, friend who is the party in every room and new-agey in the most trendy of ways.

AP: How are you prepping to originate a role? What has that process been like?

DB: I've tried to approach this role the same way I have any other since I don't typically look for other's depictions of characters anyway. I read through the script and try to figure out what the character's routines might be and determine how they present themselves to the world and how that differs from how they view themselves to find their inner motivations for their outward actions.

AP: What are you excited for audiences to experience?

DB: I'm excited for them to experience our one-on-one battles and the self reflections they force the characters to face.

AP: What do you think is Amy’s favorite self-care practice or routine?

DB: I definitely think Amy keeps up with the "cutting-edge" of self-care and wellness practices and frequently visits boutique salons that specialize in them. As she has a disposable income, I would think she also usually goes for the higher priced treatments as well. (i.e.- crystal massage, reiki, sound baths, dharma journeys, etc.) Pretty much anything on this website:

The World Premiere play EAT, SLAY, LEAVE opens October 21st- November 6th, 2022 at 3rd Act Theatre Company's Northpark space.

Tickets are on sale now!


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