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The Wonder

Written by Maggie Lou Rader

Director:  Kate Adams

Cast: 5 actors 


Rehearsals: September 11-October 12, 2023 

Performances: October 13-29, 2023

Audition Information


Auditions will be in person at the theatre located at 12040 N May Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73120, inside The Shoppes at Northpark.  


This production will take place in person on the 3rd Act Theatre Stage. 

About the Audition

We are committed to diverse, inclusive casting. For every production, please submit without regard to ability, race, age, weight, color, national origin, ethnic origin, gender identity, or any other basis. Any specifics integral to the plot or required by the publisher will be listed in the individual announcement.   


(Audition information is subject to change)

Please contact for more information regarding perusal scripts and content. Auditions will be in-person with in-person callbacks.


Auditioners will read provided sides from the script.  Perusal scripts and early access to the sides are available by request.  Send to   


A small stipend will be provided.

About the Production

The Wonder is inspired by the first documented case of spiritual possession in America.  Mary Roff's unearthly illness turns her family and the town of Watseka, Illinois upside down, that is until Lurancy Vennum follows in her footsteps. 

The Wonder is a journey of hope, loss, undying familial love, and healing beyond the bounds of this world. Also, it's a ghost story; an American Midwest Gothic ghost story for mothers and daughters.

About the Characters

Cast: 5 Actors


.Ann Roff:  female-presenting, mid 30s-40s.  Mary's mother and Asa's wife.  A fierce lover of her family.  Lives quietly but is unafraid to speak her mind.  Steadfast, a little stubborn, but can be open to the new and the unknown with time and the trust of a loved one.
Character advisory:  speaks of miscarriage and child loss; tends to Mary after a self-harm incident; discovers Mary after she passes. 

Asa Roff:  male -presenting, mid 30s-40s.  Ann's husband and Mary's father.  Kind, gentle, and patient, he is extremely hopeful even in the face of overwhelming grief and sorrow.  Willing to explore the unknown to find answers.  Very much in love with his wife and in awe of his daughter. 

Mary Roff:  female-presenting, late teens to early 20s.  Mary and Asa's daughter.  Jovial, wise, and patient, she can be a bit timid at times.  A bright and brilliant soul, even as she becomes weaker and more ill.  Loves her family to the point of reaching "through the veil" to find them.  NOTE:  Piano and gymnastic skills are appreciated but not required.  Character advisory:  Speaks of miscarriage and child loss;  experiences malnutrition and extreme illness; while possessed, experiences seizure-like fits and a comatose mental state; self-harms by using a knife to cut her forearm. 

Lurinda Vennum:  female-presenting, early 30s-40s.  Rancy's mother. 
A widow, she tries her hardest to be the best for her daughter.  Frightened and sensitive of the world around her, she works hard to find the approval of others, but gives her all in anything she does.  Character advisory: Speaks of miscarriage and child loss; witnesses her daughter's seizure-like fits.  

Lurancy "Rancy" Vennum:  female-presenting, mid-teens (14-15).  Lurinda's daughter.  A vibrant young woman that most adults would call "a handful", she is smart but impatient.  NOTE:  Gymnastic skills are appreciated but not required.  Character advisory:  Speaks of miscarriage and child loss.  While possessed, experiences seizure-like fits and a comatose mental state; briefly mentions Mary's self-harm incident.  

Content Advisory:  Content Advisory: All characters will interact with themes of death, grief, child loss, self-harm, and miscarriage.


We are monitoring Covid safety and evaluating policies, and the safety of our cast, crew, audience, and staff is among our top priorities. During Season 5, masks will not be required onstage or in the audience but will be reassessed in the case of another outbreak.

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