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What your ticket gets you: 
- Access to the password protected interactive live stream event

- Early Access to 4 Drunken Christmas Tales

- An optional commemorative token

Drunken Tales:

- Watch as one person tells a holiday narrative while consuming adult beverages - complete with a the Drunk Classics cast performing their words!

-- T'was Night Before Christmas - Don Taylor

-- The Elves and the Shoemaker - Kat Adams

-- The Nutcracker and the Mouse King - Joe Burleigh

-- Gifts of the Magi - Dakota Lee Bryant

A Christmas Carol LIVE: 
- One Performer will be voted on by the public to consume multiple adult beverages prior to the production

- As the show takes place, audience members will be able to select improv for the cast to add by way of jeopardy style donation

-- Platforms include: Paypal, CashApp, Venmo

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The Cast

J. Christine Lanning

Christine Lanning



Nicholas Toscani

Nicholas Toscani


Bob, Marley, Jack, and Coachman

Clint Kubat

Clint Kubat


Dick Wilkins, Tiny Tim, and Ghost 3

Keegan Zimmerman.jpg

Keegan Zimmerman


Visiter, Ben, Fezziwig, Ghost 2,  and Charwoman

Dani Miller

Dani Miller


Cook, Fan, Sweetheart, and Mrs. Cratchit

Hannah Mobley

Hanna Mobley


Fred, Sparsit, Ghost 1, and Peter

Story Tellers


Don Taylor

Twas The Night Before Christmas

Mouse: Dani Becker

Child 1: Dani Becker

Child 2: Clint Kubat

Mamma: Christine Lanning

Me/Narrator: Nicholas Toscani

Santa: Keegan Zimmerman

Reindeer: Dakota Bryant

Kat Adams.jpg

Kat Adams

The Elves and The Shoemaker

Shoemaker: Keegan Zimmerman

Wife: Christine Lanning Elf 1: Clint Kubat

Elf 2: Nicholas Toscani Customer 1: Dakota Bryant

Customer 2: Dani Becker

Joe Burleigh

Joe Burleigh

The Nutcracker


Marie: Dani Becker

Fritz: Clint Kubat

Louisa: Christine Lanning

Mom/Queen: Christine Lanning

Dad/King: Nicholas Toscani

Uncle D: Keegan Zimmerman

Nutcracker: Clint Kubat Rat King: Keegan Zimmerman

Princess P: Christine Lanning

Mouse Queen: Dani Becker


Dakota Lee Bryant

Dakota Lee Bryant


Gifts of the Magi



Jim: Clint Kubat

Della: Dani Becker

Madame Sofronie: Christine Lanning

The Production Staff

Production Photos

Production Photos
(From Summer Tour)

Dakota Lee Bryant

Dakota Lee Bryant


Holmes Head Shot.jpg

Liz Holmes
Production Manager

Amandanell Bold

Amandanell Bold

Production Manager (Stream)

Launch Party

At the Launch Party, the King and Queen demanded Romeo (Justice Wickstrom) be an angry Scotsman and Juliet (Michele Fields) a call girl. 


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